May 24

Originally published at: May 24 – St Peters Bentley

God saves Israel pretty epically in Isaiah, showing Sennacherib that he is actually different to all the other gods who haven’t saved the other nations. Unlike other things that we trust in, God doesn’t disappear when we’re under attack - in fact, that’s when his protection of us is most fierce.


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Sennacherib’s boast is that he will trash Jerusalem because God himself has sent him.
God’s reply is that he has indeed used him like that in the past, but not to be arrogant!
Salvation comes! @RachelPrice his salvation is pretty fierce! 185,000 dead!! Goodness!

The sign is over a three year period. Man, why can’t the sign from God that it’s all going to be ok come before and quicker. This seems to be a pattern in the OT!

Love the depiction of the ‘enemy’ in Psalm 109. When we’re being attacked by someone it’s super easy to see how they are evil at heart and we are pure at heart so God should side with us. That’s why Jesus teaching to love our enemies and to pray for them is so powerful, it turns this right upside down.

Just as the blood of the lamb in Leviticus, applied to the altar, delivered the people from their sin upon a temporary basis, how much more does the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ, applied to the altar on high, deliver the whole world from sin forever! The sun stopped shining and the curtain that separated God and Man was torn in two when Jesus gave up his life on the cross. But how wonderful to read about the resurrection again, when Jesus defeated death itself!