May 23

Originally published at: May 23 – St Peters Bentley

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Psalm 108 and Isaiah 37 both show how important it is to turn God when life gets hard. God remains faithful in the battles and we can be strengthened by remembering who he is.

1 Corinthians- puzzled by Paul’s assertion that time is short so don’t marry. He also talks about the present crisis and my history/knowledge is deficient here. What was that crisis?

I think the ‘present crisis’ is what he refers to earlier in the letter — the Corinthian church seems to be heavily influenced by the culture around it to detrimental effect wrt sexuality (eg the matter of incest) and their internal conflicts (eg taking each other to court). So I think Paul is encouraging them not to act out of lust or rage but the be content and at peace with their current situation (cf ‘why not rather be wronged?’), looking to Jesus instead.

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