July 4

Originally published at: July 4 – St Peters Bentley

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The list of leaders and what they brought in Numbers 7 is very inefficient. They all brought the same things, so why list them separately #scripturalinefficiency
On the other hand, I do like a list of simple instructions ‘rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances’. Much more efficient #efficientscripture

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God is against those who falsely declare peace, as both Jeremiah and Paul say today. They rail against the leaders of the people who are prophesying a comfortable life, when the judgement of the Lord of coming.

But we do, in fact, have peace — through our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us so that we may live with him, together with the God of Peace who sanctifies us entirely!

Job’s friend is particularly savage today - claiming he does not know God!
And yeah Paul’s instructions are clear and simple, but straightforward to follow? Hmm pretty challenging