July 30

Originally published at: July 30 – St Peters Bentley

5/5 *3 (read yesterday but failed to comment)

Allowing the women to inherit if there are no men seems terribly unfair today. At the time that was a super-radical move.

Proverbs 3:5-6 is a fave verse (or two) of mine!

Jeremiah has spent 49 chapters telling people that Babylon is coming, now it’s come and done it’s worst, he’s speaking against it.

Jesus is coming back. Make sure you’re ready people.

Oh my, I’m always hit by James’ words about gaming the tongue!

Proverbs advice not to be wise in your own eyes, fear God, and thus find healing and refreshment for your body, is pretty much the opposite of our world’s advice, which tells us to look inside ourselves for the answers to our problems and liberation