July 23

Originally published at: July 23 – St Peters Bentley

God finally speaks to Job! It’s been a long time coming. As was the sacrifice of Jesus to end all Temple sacrifices. Both worth the wait!

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Balak son of Zippor wants Baalam and so far Baalam seems to be doing what he should.

Finally Elihu has shut up and now God speaks. He asks lots of questions. Most of which the answers, if they had been recorded would have been mostly an embarrassed ’ummm’

Apparently running off to Egypt won’t work. The irony that they are going there for safety when their whole sense of nation is about escaping from there in the first place.

Radical teaching from Jesus. The path to greatness is the path of service and putting others first.

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was a one off. Completely sufficient for the future and the past. That’s good news!