July 22

Originally published at: July 22 – St Peters Bentley

5/5 *4
Once again grumbling proves fatal in Numbers 21. The story about the bronze snake is important. Jesus uses it to describe his death on the cross.

‘God does great things beyond our understanding’ something Elihu said that I can unequivocally agree with!

Asking God to speak can be dangerous. If we go to Him and ask he might say stuff we didn’t want to hear. cf Jeremiah and Matthew today.

We inherit from God. You can’t inherit from someone who hasn’t died. Jesus death on the cross is what allows us the freedom and hope of this new covenant with God. :raised_hands:

Our salvation is achieved by the shedding of Christ’s blood onto the altar on high — God’s own blood covers us and gives us new life!

Poor Aaron not making it to the promised land. How much better is it that we don’t have to fear getting stuff wrong because God’s mercy gave us Jesus as a one time offering for our many sins, past present and future