July 20

Originally published at: July 20 – St Peters Bentley

5/5 *2
So when you read the Bible late at night you end up noticing that being a Levite priest wasn’t compatible with veganism. I suspect there is more there than I’m seeing…

Elihu should probably shut up. His rant today has the ironic claim that Job speaks without knowledge, multiplying words which is in fact what he has done. Job was likely written before Exodus. Elihu says ‘He (God) does not answer when people cry out because of the arrogance of the wicked’. The central plot line of Exodus and, essentially the rest of scripture, is that in fact God does hear the cry of those who are oppressed by the wicked.

In my Bible Jeremiah 39 is entitled ‘The fall of Jerusalem’. My title would be ‘Oh look, Jeremiah was right, who’d have thought it?’

Sometimes the Bible is uplifting. Sometimes it’s challenging. Sometimes it’s beautiful. Today it’s just plain weird. Matthew 17:24-27

When I get to heaven I will meet Melchizedek and maybe I’ll finally understand. Perhaps that comment is also affected by the lateness of the hour.