9 October

Originally published at: 9 October – St Peters Bentley

Last supper and dispute about greatness are so contrasting - the disciples have just been given the meal that symbolises their equality and unity in sharing in Jesus’ sacrifice, and then start arguing about which of them is the best! So ironic!

Just did a bit of reading about the last verses about swords as never get that bit. Commentators say that Jesus is preparing those who follow his self-sacrificial path for a time of persecution. Swords were standard belongings for people travelling at the time. It’s not a case of starting some kind of holy war!

Romans 6 is ace. Sin and death have no hold on us, we are in the kingdom of life and peace thanks to Jesus!

Romans continues to keep on giving. Loads to soak up, especially the promise of eternal life.

The Daniel readings are getting a bit weirder everyday :see_no_evil: