7 October

Originally published at: 7 October – St Peters Bentley

Jonah is such a drama llama! The plant died and I am so angry I could die! God says so how much more do I feel for the people of Nineveh who don’t know their left hand from their right.

How much does God feel for the people of Bentley who don’t know their left from their right, who don’t even know that God loves them and there is faith, hope and love available right here, right now!!

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Abraham and Isaac being foreshadowing of God giving his son, his only son, for us is like :exploding_head:

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Okkkkk so with your explanations of previous days I’ve re-read Romans 4, and is Abraham being used to show how gentiles can be loved by God, because everything he did and was graced with was before his circumcision? Have I got that right?

I love the story of the widow. It’s not about the amount of gifts we give to God, it’s about giving God all we have. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yesterday I realised I was being a bit like Jonah: “i’m so annoyed my baby hasn’t come yet, it’s so unfair, everything is awful” then after some prayer I realised that in the great scheme of things I don’t have much to complain about… God’s quite good at turning our perspective away from ourselves when we give him the chance to speak!

Absolutely! Paul says that God’s gift (righteousness) comes to us before the outward sign of the gift (circumcision). He raised Jesus from the dead for us, not because we’ve worked hard but because we needed saving (v25).

“I am so angry that I want to die!” is something I can totally imagine coming out of Reuben’s mouth :joy: