5 October

Originally published at: 5 October – St Peters Bentley

Abraham still hasn’t learned that it doesn’t end well to take matters into your own hands because you think God hasn’t got it covered. He’ll learn eventually (hope i will too)

Romans is dense but amazing. No point storing up judgement and bitterness against others, because God will judge us with the same measure. Instead, let God’s kindness lead us to saying sorry and finding forgiveness from him. What a freeing way to live!

I’m loving the sass on Jesus when his authority is questioned in Luke :sweat_smile:

Why is there such a heavy focus on circumcision in Romans? What I’ve took away from today and wondering if I’m right, is that simply by declaring we are Christian’s doesn’t make us one? Your actions need to match it and that is what God will judge us on? In the context of circumcision for example, God would consider a gentile who has followed his word faithful over a Jew who hasn’t?

And mainly what is the difference between a Jew and Gentile? In Romans 1 it says God will bring salvation to all who believes first through the Jews then the Gentiles. Why this order what makes a Jew more special?

(Sorry I have many questions from Romans as I’ve been reading it since Alec preached in August)

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Great questions! We, as gentiles, have to understand that the Jews are God’s chosen people — he has chosen to first reveal himself to the world through them, which is the overarching story of the Old Testament.

Circumcision was (/remains?) for Jews a sign of God’s promise to them. For us, since Christ, we have God himself living within us by his Spirit and so don’t need an outward sign. We’ll learn more about that next week in Galatians.

Paul’s point here is that moral integrity is what matters, not circumcision. But we all still fall short of this (as we read in Rom 1 yday), so Paul continues in Romans to articulate his good news, that Jesus saves us despite our moral failures.

I love Romans so much Abbey :nerd_face:

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Thanks Seth very insightful and helpful! Me and Rach have been trying to meet to discuss my extensive notes / questions on Romans (which is quite long :sweat_smile:) as I’ve been pushing myself to almost study it rather than just read it. With your love of Romans hopefully they will be answered via the 5 a day :laughing:

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