30 September

Originally published at: 30 September – St Peters Bentley

Dunno where the grid has gone, but it is on the church website at stpete.rs/5

Another happy day for Rachel, all complete chapters :slight_smile:

Luke 16 is odd. Use worldly goods to buy friends? No matter how many times I read it and how many times I try to read up on it, seems super odd.

Then comes the story of Lazarus and the rich guy. I think the whole story is about the punchline, ‘even if someone comes from the dead they won’t believe’ which is what happened to Jesus. The idea that it might be an accurate description of hell and paradise is uncomfortable to me.

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Yay for two days of complete chapters :grin:

I like this bit of Daniel because I can understand it at this point :laughing: love his integrity - good example of how to be part of a culture but not fully bow down to its customs when they contradict the convictions of your faith. Not easy!

You inspired me to read Daniel, I was intrigued with this comment. I agree, a good example of how to stand our ground for our beliefs.

I struggled to understand the first story in Luke, I think I got the meaning from the end few verses but it doesn’t make sense in the middle. It is late though.

The story about the rich man and Lazarus is interesting to me as I think we’re all guilty of comparing ourselves to others and I know sometimes I can be guilty of being jealous of other peoples materialist things like big fancy houses and nice cars. But actually it doesn’t matter what we’ve got now, because we know God is unimpressed by these things and by following his word now, in eternal life with God we will be comforted and like in this story roles could be reversed and those comfy in this life won’t be after death if they don’t follow Jesus :thinking:

Amos went over my head today, couldn’t take it in.

Just wait til chapter 7 and beyond… :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: