3 October

Originally published at: 3 October – St Peters Bentley

Another example of Daniel of men standing by their convictions. Literally sacrifice themselves to death for God and he rewards them with their life! Don’t think I would be so brave, so I hope one day my faith will be so strong.

Also a lot of good stuff going on in Luke. I enjoyed these today. Amos = still confused :joy:


Luke is full of Jesusisms today. I would have been the disciple stood looking like :woman_shrugging: can you explain it again please :joy:

I like to think that after this much warning about Jesus’ death (how much clearer can he be, and 3 times?!) I would have been more on it than all the other disciples at realising what was going on when Jesus was arrested and sentenced to death… but of course in reality I’m sure I would’ve been as clueless as the rest of them :joy:

Seth and I often use the pharisee’s words “thank you God that I’m not like them…” to each other when one of us is getting too self-congratulatory or critical of others - it’s a good reminder to be humble before God, would recommend!