3 June

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Today we start 2 Corinthians. Our friends at The Bible Project have an overview here.

5/5 *3
More heartfelt words from Psalm 119.
‘Direct my footsteps according to your word. Let no sin rule over me’

Paul has such a high view of the body of Christ - all believers are so closely joined with Jesus and each other that they can experience pain and comfort on behalf of each other, even when they’re not physically together, through their sharing in the spirit. It’s amazing!

Jesus criticises the Pharisees for putting their hope in Moses — or rather, in their own self righteousness in following the law of Moses. They clearly didn’t read Moses carefully enough, or they would have see.man what Paul saw — that we must put our hope in God, “who raises the dead”. We can hope in him, because he will not accuse us but rather bring us from death to life!