29 September

Originally published at: 29 September – St Peters Bentley

Overview of Amos!

God even has compassion on the older brother who is grumpy that the younger brother gets so much celebration. Old bro has forgotten that he’s had direct access to the Father and his wealth all along. Same can be true for those of us who have been Christians for a while - only when we see others come into God’s family do we remember how great the gift of salvation is.

It’s never too late to change our lives or turn it around is it, no matter the mistakes we make (big or small). It’s so easy when you do something wrong to keep spiralling isn’t it. But actually if we’re genuinely sorry we can be forgiven, we just need to repent to God for He knows what is true in our hearts!

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Happy Rachel today (she likes it when all the readings are full chapters).

Looking around Bentley there are so many people who are lost. Jesus please help us to bring them to faith, hope and love in you. Amen.