28 September

Originally published at: 28 September – St Peters Bentley

Find Jesus’ words about counting the cost before committing to following him interesting, because my experience of following Jesus has been more like God saying to me “Rachel put down your plans of what you think life will be like and listen to me instead” ! So I’m not sure what’s the point of thinking about it first… God’s goodness has always surprised me wherever he has lead me

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Joel is a bit of a whirlwind. This video might help! https://youtu.be/zQLazbgz90c?feature=shared

I agree with Rachel about Luke 14. Also the bit about hating people! I get about giving things up and following but I’m sure the disciples still loved their family?

Thanks for sharing Rachel it is helpful! I answered my own question about Israel’s sin by watching some of the other videos so have updated my reply.

Love 2/3 of the stories in Luke today. Be humble always. I think it’s a good reminder that no matter what your stature it doesn’t make you important. We are all equal and worthy of being called on. I also love he message of that we don’t give to receive too, something I wish more people in this world considered. It would be a much happier place!

I do struggle with the chapter about weighing up the cost of being a disciple. Because of the points Rachel mentioned, but also we don’t need to leave our family behind to be a disciple. And if I do something, I don’t sit and think I’m not going to do it unless I’m successful, I always do what I think is morally right even if the chances of success are low