26 September

Originally published at: 26 September – St Peters Bentley

Such a weird thing to read that Jesus is here to bring division not peace. I don’t really get this. My faith brings me peace so a bit of a weird one for me.

I think it’s Jesus making the point again that his life (and especially death, as here he refers to the “baptism” he has to undergo) will divide people even within the same family - some will reject him for dying an embarrassing criminal’s death on a cross, but others who understand its meaning will find life and peace through it.

Hefty reading from Joel today!

I went to start Joel and thought I was confused. Was it just 1 verse to read :joy:

I’m a day behind here but …. Luke 13 vs 8-9, how do you interpret that? Fertiliser as in the word of God and if they don’t repent they are a lost cause and should be left alone?

Yeah Sarah, I’ve seen this verse used in the context of deciding whether to close a congregation of a church that had once been really fruitful but was recently struggling. The PCC decided to give it a year of renewed effort and prayer and see if anything changed, and in that year it didn’t, so the conclusion was to end that congregation (there were other ministries in the church that were showing signs of new life at the same time). Never easy but I think it’s recognising there are seasons for some things, and there are some people who are not going to accept the message however hard we try?

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