24 September

Originally published at: 24 September – St Peters Bentley

Luke: Everything we do is to be with him in heaven, so God is the only judge we need to be concerned with. Jesus is being quite blunt with the fearful truth about hell. Good reminder that we shouldn’t be selfish too, and that we should share our wealth (no matter the form; food, money, clothes etc) because ultimately it all belongs to God. I was once told you should never meet a rich Christian, I suppose this reading backs up that logic. Wealth doesn’t give you a good life, loving and following Jesus will though!


In Hosea God says that because he is God and not a human he must show compassion in the end rather than anger. This is opposite to how lots of people imagine God in the Old Testament - angry and punishing - but in fact here his forgiveness and love is stronger than any human’s. If we were wronged as badly as Israel wronged God we would never find it in us to show mercy, but God does.

Don’t understand what Canaan does wrong in Gen 9!

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Super interesting that Jesus says ‘fear the one who can throw you into hell’ and his very next words are that you are worth more than the sparrows that God delights in, the hairs of your head are numbered because he is that interested in little old you and don’t be afraid!

Be afraid and don’t be afraid at the same time. Respect and intimacy together in this reading.

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