20 September

Originally published at: 20 September – St Peters Bentley

I don’t really get todays reading from Luke from here on. Like I can read it, but I don’t get what the point is or what it means

My assessment is that Jesus knows that some people (some towns in this story) will reject his message and his disciples outright, and his disciples are not to waste their time with them. The coming of Jesus’ kingdom is really good news for those who welcome it, but really bad news for those who oppose it — which is what Jesus is saying about these places in vv 13-15. Tyre and Sidon were cities that were enemies of Israel; he’s saying that even they don’t have it as bad as those who reject his kingdom.

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Love to imagine v21 - Jesus being so happy as he sees the little people of the world accepting his message. It’s really not about having all the right answers, but simply being open to receive God’s help and love.