2 October

Originally published at: 2 October – St Peters Bentley

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In the gospel readings Jesus talks about times when the Son of Man will come, but he’s already there?. Does he mean when he comes again, or was he talking about the time they were already in?

Also in both Luke and Amos the ‘day of the Lord’ is described in both as darkness, but yet Christian’s want this to happen?

Good questions! The coming of the Son of Man and the day of the Lord are referring to when Jesus returns to judge the world. It is good news for those who love him and have done their best to live with faith and integrity (like the widow in Luke), because all wrongs will be righted and finally “justice will roll down like waters” - but bad news for those who aren’t living like that.

God uses Joel to remind and warn those who have all the outward appearance of being religious (eg holding festivals, sacrifices, etc) but treat people badly and reinforce injustice in the way they live - hence the day of the Lord will be darkness for them.

I think in the first bit of Luke, Jesus is also teaching the Jews that just because they’re jewish doesn’t mean they get a guaranteed place in the kingdom. They were expecting the Kingdom to come obviously, triumphantly, and defeat the Romans, bring Israel to victory, but in fact Jesus is saying “the kingdom of God is among you”, ie it’s about how we live by faith day to day (widow is good eg again of this). Does that help?

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Yes it does thank you!

This is an excellent question! The day of the Lord will be darkness because God desires justice, and none of us does justice. So we all should be afraid of the day of the Lord… unless we have put our trust in Jesus, who ‘suffers many things’ and is ‘rejected by his generation’ to bring justice to the world. God’s ultimate justice is shown on the cross, as he dies at the hands of humanity.

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I enjoyed today’s reading of Luke. Easy to understand and it could have been written today, sounds like the things we do now! Enjoying weddings parties eating and drinking buying and selling!