19 September

Originally published at: 19 September – St Peters Bentley

I find it hard reading such short overviews of stories we know have more to them. They’re very condensed in Luke. Also, is it just me or does Jesus come across as quite mean sometimes. Like when the man asked him to heal his son he says ‘how long shall I stay with you and put up with you’ :see_no_evil:

I feel like Jesus a lot :joy: (kidding). Seriously though, there’s not much in the gospels that is all Jesus the meek and mild walkover. Also, he did heal the guys son, so I suspect he may have had a twinkle in his eye as he said it. I often wish Jesus had been born more recently so that as well as the text of what he said, there were videos so you could get the tone of voice and facial expressions as he spoke.

The different gospel writers have different emphases, so they focus on different stories. Luke has a few that are unique to him and he does those in more detail.

It’s the equivalent to you answering your phone ‘what now’ :joy:


“Let him bury his face in the dust — there may yet be hope” the Christian hope is amazing in the face of the troubles of the world

I’m assuming that’s a call to a posture of prayer, otherwise it doesn’t make much sense to me! This is from the Lamentations reading!

Just read the Acts 17. Names I didn’t think were in the Bible. Jason (although I noticed that a while ago) and Elon (as in Musk) which I only discovered a couple of weeks ago…

The Lamentations reading has a very soundbite-y hopeful bit in the middle that is overdone in the meme world. But when you read the whole book and the despair and then come to those verses in context it is so much more meaningful!