11 October

Originally published at: 11 October – St Peters Bentley

Struck by the last verse in the Genesis reading ‘and they lived in hostility towards all the tribes related to them’. We’re seeing that play out in Israel today. Your kingdom come, your will be done. Lord have mercy.
Daniel- This reading is (I think) the beginning of the idea of having a guardian angel. Like so many things I’m not sure it supports the weight of stuff that has been built on it! Anyone know of any other ‘guardian angel’ verses? :innocent:
Micah - the end of Micah focusses on God’s grace and mercy. These are now New Testament concepts.
Luke - always struggle to read these chapters. So often I find myself skimming over them because it’s too much to bear. His pain and injustice and death are my life and peace. It really makes no sense and it blows me away.
Romans- the direct consequence of the drama playing itself out in Luke is the truth in Romans 8, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus! We are free! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:. By Jesus death and resurrection we are free to live ‘our best lives’. The power of sin is broken, when we sin we don’t have to sacrifice an animal, we are not at risk of judgement. With that burden lifted we can get on with being our best selves, constantly growing in faith, hope and love.
When I was a teen we were told not to do bad stuff and threatened with the idea of ‘what would you do if you had to watch a replay of your life with everyone who has been involved in it when you die’. My reflection on that now is that Jesus took all the blame and punishment on the cross so all the times I sinned would be cut from the movie. That would also make it mercifully short, I suspect the running time would be less than 30 minutes :joy:

Woah, that was an essay!

Hmm interesting didn’t know that about guardian angels! The scene of a jewish exile being terrified by a messenger is certainly quite far from the fluffy angel photo frames and fridge magnets covered in clichés that we have today… :joy::innocent:

Struck by Herod being excited to meet Jesus and see him perform a sign. He treats Jesus like a toy he can manipulate to be an object of his control. Jesus isn’t a performing monkey and when we come to him we have to submit to HIS kingship, which means giving up our own power. Hard for someone like Herod who is used to getting his own way.

Romans 8:25 - I need to reflect on this verse atm!!